James Reich’s Inner Space Odyssey: Suburban Spacemen and the Cults of Catastrophe provides an account of the development of British science fiction in the 1960s, and is included in Bloomsbury Publishing’s definitive book on the fiction of the decade. The 1960s: A Decade of Modern British Fiction publishes in July 2018. From the publisher:

“The 1960s were the “swinging decade”: a newly energised youth culture went hand-in-hand with new technologies, expanding educational opportunities, new social attitudes and profound political differences between the generations. This volume explores the ways in which these profound changes were reflected in British fiction of the decade. Chapters cover feminist writing that fused the personal and the political, gay, lesbian and immigrant voices and the work of visionary experimental and science fiction writers. A major critical re-evaluation of the decade, the book covers such writers as J.G. Ballard, Anthony Burgess, A.S. Byatt, Angela Carter, John Fowles, Christopher Isherwood, Doris Lessing, Michael Moorcock and V.S. Naipaul.”